Letting rivers run wild could reduce UK flooding

A new article published by the Alpine Glacier Project’s Dr Neil Entwistle in states that doing nothing is often a better course of action for reducing flooding than heavy handed attempts to mechanically alter rivers.

The study showed that rivers which are allowed to behave more naturally are better at locking up sediment upstream, rather than letting it accumulate in unnaturally high quantities in flood-prone towns and cities.


Glaciation in New Zealand – evidence of retreat in the last decade

The Alpine Glacier Project’s Antony Lockley reports from Fox Glacier on New Zealand’s South Island. Whilst the glacier advanced between 1985 and 2009, it has subsequently been in retreat.


Fox Glacier continues to be active, with ice movement between 1 to 5 metres per day dependent on elevation. Anthony’s video and photographic coverage clearly shows the extent of retreat over the last 10 years.


The ice surface, whilst accessible, is spectacular.

AGP Zermatt Expedition July 2019

Pics from a 2 day field trip to the Findelen and Gorner sites. At Findelen, we checked that the measuring equipment was safe and secure. At Gorner, there were a couple of running repairs – to the Albedo meter over the meltwater channel on the gauge, and to the box housing the science equipment. The box has soldiered on valiantly for over 20 years, but will need replacement in the 2020 field season.


On the way back from Gorner….the opening of the hydroelectric sluices to purge sediment. Fantastic!