The Alpine Glacier Project

The Alpine Glacier Project is the longest most detailed record of Alpine meltwater quality in existence.


Along with its central research objectives, we are a Charitable Company which provides the opportunity for practical experience for students taking part in field courses and for sustained periods of individual fieldwork for undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, with students visiting the Alps each Summer


Our research takes place in glaciated Alpine high mountain basins, primarily in Switzerland.

Our video below shows the outwash plain and terminal moraine of one of our research sites – Findelen Glacier. Since the Little Ice Age maxima, and markedly since the start of the Alpine Glacier Project’s data record, this glacier has lost significant mass and is in retreat.

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Our Research

The Alpine Glacier Project collects data on discharge, water temperature, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, sediment content and pH over the summer melt season, from Findelen and Gorner Glaciers, Kanton Wallis, Switzerland. In addition to meltwater quality and quantity, the AGP has conducted research into climatic variation and glacier mass changes, the longevity of Alpine glaciers and changing hydrological regimes in high mountain basins. Over its 40 year history, AGP members have published research in many internationally circulated peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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Our History

The Alpine Glacier Project holds the longest homogenous data series of Alpine glacier meltwater quality and quantity in the world. Throughout its 40 year plus history, it has been affiliated with the Universities of Manchester, Oxford and Salford in the UK, and Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

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