Trift Glacier – Melt in the Bernese Alps

Many thanks to Peter Egger for sharing some superb images of how Trift Glacier in the Bernese Alps changed over an 8 year period. The first image here shows the glacier in July 2005, where the ice extended into a proglacial lake, and the lower half of the glacier was still attached to the top.

By the time the below image was taken in October of 2013, substantial changes had happened to the glacier. The upper icefall is greatly diminished, and the lower half of the glacier was little more than a static ice patch. Some evidence of lateral moraine are apparent, above the still existent pro-glacial lake.

The decline of Triftglacier is well documented, and has accelerated rapidly since 1998, and between 2006 and 2015 the retreat is estimated to be some 1.7km in planimetric extent – the following links show some of this research.

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