Our Research

The Alpine Glacier Project  continues to publish in internationally circulated peer-reviewed scientific journals. A complete publications list can be found here. Should you wish to access any of these articles please contact us.

Our blog posts updates to our research and opportunities available with the AGP.

Each year, the Alpine Glacier Project collects data on discharge, water temperature, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, sediment content and pH over the summer melt season, from Findelen and Gorner Glaciers, Kanton Wallis, Switzerland. In addition to meltwater quality and quantity, the AGP has conducted research into climatic variation and glacier mass changes, the longevity of Alpine glaciers and changing hydrological regimes in high mountain basins. Over its 40 year history, AGP members have published research in many internationally circulated peer-reviewed scientific publications.


As a charity, our objectives are as follows:

To research, understand, educate, protect, conserve, rehabilitate and improve knowledge on rivers, streams and watercourses together with their related banksides and floodplains with respect to alpine, high mountain, hills, both rural and urban environments for the benefit of the public.

To advance the education of the public, or any association, company, local authority, administrative or governmental agency or public body or representative body in:

The understanding of glaciers, rivers, river corridor and catchments, including their flora and fauna and economic or social activity, and river catchment management.

The need for, and benefits of, conservation, protection, rehabilitation and improvement of aquatic and glacial environments.