100000 Years of Changing Alpine Glaciation

Using the Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM), Seguinot et al (2018) model the entire last glacial cycle (120–0 ka) in the Alps. This paper shows interesting results using climate forcing by two sources: present-day climate data from WorldClim and the ERA-Interim reanalysis; time-dependent temperature offsets from multiple palaeo-climate proxies. 

Seguinot, J., Ivy-Ochs, S., Jouvet, G., Huss, M., Funk, M., and Preusser, F.: Modelling last glacial cycle ice dynamics in the Alps, The Cryosphere, 12, 3265-3285,, 2018.

AGP in Switzerland, July 2017

AGP members have just completed a short fieldwork expedition at Gornergletscher, Kanton Wallis, Switzerland. Channels of data including EC, discharge, reflectivity and stage continue to be collected.  In the below picture, Dr Neil Entwistle is seen negotiating the high mountain path above Grenzgletscher.

Photo 08-07-2017, 11 26 47.jpg