Prof. D.N. Collins Memorial, Jan. 20, 2017

Inspiration, Teacher, Mentor and Friend

A memorial service was held at Peel Hall, University of Salford, on Friday 20th January 2017 to celebrate the life and work of Prof. David N. Collins. Friends, colleagues and students  from the past and present attended, as well as David’s family.

The full list of speakers:

Richard Stevenson, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Salford

Dr Denise Rennie, University of Salford

Dr Neil Entwistle, University of Salford

Dr Oliver MacDonald, Expedia Inc.

Prof. Elizabeth Morris OBE, University of Cambridge

Professor Ian Douglas, University of Manchester

Wilf Theakstone, University of Manchester

Dr Andy Barrett, National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Prof. Richard Kelly, University of Waterloo

Dr Phil Porter, University of Hertfordshire

Andrew Clark, University of Salford

Matt Johns, Johns Associates

Rob Gardner, Redington

Roger Wright.


Presentations are available to view here:


Summer 2017 Fieldwork Grants

We are pleased to invite applications for two grants of £250 each for undergraduate or postgraduate students towards fieldwork expenses in the Swiss Alps in Summer 2017. To apply, click here.  Applicants will need to submit a brief summary of their project (250 words), outlining the purpose, aims and objectives of their research.

Applications should be received no later than February 28th, 2017. Successful applications will be announced in March 2017 on the Alpine Glacier Project website.


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