2020 AGP Field Season Underway – Day 1

Findelen Basecamp, 0730hrs
Logging station at Findelen
Data being downloaded
Significant glacier retreat since 2019, and evidence of a substantial flood event

The 2020 Alpine Glacier Project field season in Zermatt is officially underway. We’ve been significantly delayed by travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Neil and George reached Zermatt last night for a week of data downloading and site maintenance.

So far, data have been downloaded and loggers set up for the 2020 ablation season. We’ve managed to set up more loggers to investigate the impact of braided section on glacial water temperature. Tomorrow, and this is exciting, we’re planning a drone survey of the Findelen outwash plain.

Initial indications are of a significant recent flood event at Findelen which has moved substantial amounts of debris and sediment downstream. Unfortunately, some upstream equipment appears to be lost, but logging stations further downstream by the gauging station are intact and data are available.

Although the weather from this morning’s pictures looks glorious (a “0/8” for AGP alumni), this afternoon has seen heavy thunderstorms and rain.

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